Chocolate Flowers

It’s no secret that I’m a flower lover. It’s also no secret that I love to eat & cook & explore in the kitchen. My creativity migrates over into culinary adventures….some successful…..and some get filed under “lessons learned”

This is a…

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White County CEOs


This morning I had the privilege of hosting some exceptional young women from my neck of the woods. They are all high school seniors in extreme Southern Illinois. In addition to being beautiful, stylish & confident, they also have a spark…

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Edible flowers from Israel

So I just got back from Potomac Wholesale Florist where I presented a design show. I met wonderful growers from around the globe, including my new friend, Schlomo. He grows flowers in the wintertime, but when it’s too cold, he imports…

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What’s HYGGE


When I first heard the word HYGGE, I immediately thought of HAGGIS, the Scottish dish that my friend Alison Bradley had warned me about.

Fortunately, HYGGE is much more pleasant than pudding made from sheep parts.

It seems Scandinavian decorating trends are all…

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