What’s HYGGE


When I first heard the word HYGGE, I immediately thought of HAGGIS, the Scottish dish that my friend Alison Bradley had warned me about.

Fortunately, HYGGE is much more pleasant than pudding made from sheep parts.

It seems Scandinavian decorating trends are all…

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Christmas Evie

It’s Christmas Eve. Or Christmas Evie as we like to proclaim at our house.

Evie loves Christmas. What child doesn’t, right? Well this one loves it so much that she decorates all by herself.

The tree in my breakfast nook is an Evie Original. For the record, I was not…

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Out with the old

Last year I began a journey of re-evaluating and defining myself.

James Moseman came along for the ride.

And what a ride it’s been!

I found out about James through a trusted friend:

Friend and the company she works for had interviewed…

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