that long list of things i am thankful for

I eluded to it yesterday.
That long list of things I am thankful for….
Its in random order, so don’t think for one second that my priorities are all out of whack.
It’s random….no paticular order.
I am thankful to have great vacations with my favorite humans.
Bike rides.
Razors. The kind you shave your legs and armpits with, not the ones you call people with.
Fabric softener.
Bluegrass. Classical. Jazz. Acoustic.
My personal trainer.
McDonalds french fries.
My personal trainer.
Cuddling with Evie the kindergartener.
Cuddling with CheChe the 7th grader.
Cuddling with Steve the husband who is much colder since he has no thyroid. NOT thankful for his cold feet!
Thankful he has recovered from Thyroid Cancer! Cold feet are a small price to pay. On second thought, I love his cold feet. (But I am glad he did not get them until AFTER we were married.)
My job.
My car. Really truly thankful for it.
My house.
My amazing mother.
My crazy father.
My Aunt Marilyn.
My sister and her amazing fabulous beautiful sons.
Friends, friends, friends.
And friends some more.
People who love Jesus more than religion.
People who don’t confuse Jesus with religion.
GPS. LOVE this. Saves travel stress with Steve. Men don’t like to be told where to go or what to do. I don’t like telling him what to do. Pleasant voice gives commands. I don’t have to read my map and defend my instructions, and I don’t even have to pay attention to where we are going!
And he argues with the GPS, so now I know it is not personal. “Are you SURE” he asks the voice? And I smile and think “Good! Now I don’t feel like he is picking on ME!” I just shrug and smile.
Firefly Restaurant in Evansville.
Bill Johnson and IBethel.
Fat Free Fudge bars from the DQ
Walking. Wow, am I ever glad that I can walk.
Healthy family. Selah!
Sleeping….which I am not doing nearly enough of this time of year.
Thankful for my bed. Love my bed.
People who don’t have the personality of wet cardboard.
Good tools.
Flannel sheets. Much warmer than regular sheets this time of year.
And today…the tresure and promise of another day. Gosh, that sounds so schmaltzy, but I can’t help it, its how I feel.
Make yer own list, mateys! It’ll do you good!

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