Tied up this Chrismas

I love Jib Jab.

Its just hilarious.

I am supposed to be working on billing and invoicing and scheduling, but I could not resist having a little fun.

They also have this thing “Elf Yourself” and it is a riot.

So, in honor of Christmas being the next holiday, the Duncans are all tied up. There is some truth in this picure…if not for the support of Steve and the girls, I could not do what I do. I love them all so much, and they totally put up with me this time of year.

Just think, in January, we can go back to our normal routine.

For now, this picture pretty much sums things up!

At least I am tied up with people who I adore!

Now go over to Jib Jab and make your own. You’ll crack up. Its so much fun…lots better than paperwork!

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