Interview with a decorator (not a vampire…yet!)

I get asked all kinds of crazy questions this time of year. People have a romantic idea about what it is we florists and decorators do, but the reality is much more harsh that what you might imagine. Still, I have the best job in the world, and I love it.
People love to ask about Christmas decorating that I do. I have built quite a client base in my area, and it is a wonderful thing to bring beauty and joy into a home.

Now about those questions…just for fun I thought I would post them here. I just got back from hubby’s company Christmas party, and this was how most of the conversations went tonight….

“How many trees did you put up ?”

70 +, (and that is just me personally, not including my assistants…I don’t count them unless they are 6 feet or more…)

How many houses/businesses did you do?”

30 +

“Are you tired?”


“Are you tired of Christmas?”


“Is your shopping done?”

Usually, but not this year, for many reasons

“Is it worth it, working as hard as you do during Christmas?”

Absolutely. Its all I know and all I have known since I was 15. There is a rhythm to the season, and a satisfaction I get from seeing homes transformed.

“When do you put up your own Christmas?”

Usually before Halloween

“People actually pay money to have YOU put up Christmas for them?”

They do, and are delighted to do so.

And I am delighted to have the opportunity.

Its almost over for 2008…but I am already planning for next year….!

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