OK. I am almost done with Christmas decorating for my clients. It has probably been the craziest holiday season of my life, and I am not for sure why, but I suspect it has to do with doing more weddings that usual, during an already slammed time of the year. That, and adding a second business location. Yeah, I am pretty sure that explains it. Now that I have actually typed it out, it is perfectly painfully clear to me what the heck just happened.
So lets move on and talk about shoes. Now, I really have a thing for shoes. I enjoy shoes. I have lots and lots of shoes. Some are for fashion, some are for comfort. This post is about comfy shoes. So, I am always on the lookout for comfortable shoes that are cool. I am on my feet for hours and hours at a time, so good shoes are critical for me. I treat myself to new comfy shoes every October, when I know I am facing a jam packed work schedule for fall and Christmas.
I found the BEST shoes EVER. They are by a company called KEEN. I have the shoes pictured above, called “Berkley”. I got them in a little hiking shop in Dahlonega, GA, that I sadly do not remember the name of. But it is a great shop with terrific stuff on the square in their lovely downtown district.
I have logged about 70 hours in these shoes just this week, and my feet are happy. Go buy Keen shoes. Now. Your feet will thank you. After countless hours on my feet I have no soreness whatsoever.
Now I am off to or to see what other colors/styles they have. These Keen shoes sure are keen. I am keen on Keens! Just go buy the shoes already…before I embarass myself further.

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