Wedding Planners? How about MARRIAGE Planners!

Heading down the aisle? If so, congratulations!
There are so many resources available to brides when it comes to making their wedding day perfect. As a florist and planner, I know full well what goes into weddings. After 22 years, believe me, I GET it. I do it. I breathe it.

But lets go BEYOND the big day.
You have an even BIGGER life ahead of you…

It has occurred to me that we as a society are in need of marriage planners. Planning a wedding is a cake walk. A marriage is an entirely different thing, and one that deserves more attention than what linens and what caterer, what flowers, what invitation.

We spend amazing amounts of time and attention when it comes to weddings. I have great concern that as a culture, we spend much less time and money attending to the needs of our MARRIAGES. Weddings only last a day. Marriages last longer than that…or at least, they used to.

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  1. Mountain Goat 12 years ago | Reply

    Oh, that is SO true! There should be requirements for taking life courses before marriage and to have to pass some sort of compatibility test. So many people marry people that have nothing in common, it falls apart, and they wonder why.

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