Summahtime weddings!

Its summahtime, and the living is easy…or is it! For florists, this is our busy season, and as they saying goes, we have to “make hay while the sun shines”.

Or perhaps I should change that to we GET TO make hay while the sun shines.

Here in Southern Illinois, it is an honor and a privilege to bring a thing of beauty to bride after bride, week after week.

Fresh flowers enhance a wedding day like nothing else.

Some brides might complain “well the flowers will just die and it seems like such a waste”

Well, DJ’s and band play music that just disappears into thin air, cake & food is eaten and does not last, so why should flowers take it on the chin?

Flowers make an amazing wedding day even more spectacular, and without flowers, the photography is not nearly as beautiful. Flowers enhance events, add emotion and drama and fragrance and beauty.

Who would not want that for their wedding day?

PS. The above picture is just a little tropical spray from a fun summer bride of late. LOVE tropical weddings!

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