Cycles and Seasons

The girls just left for school.

The house and studio is quiet.

Drinking coffee.


Did I mention that it was quiet? Really quiet.

Such is the rhythm of seasons and the rhythm of life. My life is very cyclical.

The cycle is changing, transitioning. Now I will have more time to do marketing, design shows, interiors and wedding planning. Now I can get back to the gym. Now I can clean out the basement. (Yeah, I’ll get right on that basement thing…) I can focus on the fall design presentations coming up. I can start getting Christmas together.

What a life! I enjoy the journey and the seasons and the cycles.

This past weekend I did a Fall/Christmas presentation for the Tennessee State Floral Association, and it was so fun. The folks at Tennessee State went above and beyond, bringing my understanding of Southern Hospitality to a whole new level.

I brought the girls & Steve along so they could see the sights while I was tucked away in the design room. It was great that we got to be together, and that I could work, too.

I have built my life to accommodate motherhood & family. It is a delicate balance of my business-designing flowers and interiors, wedding planning, business consulting, and merchandising. While I am sad (REALLY sad!) that summer days filled with mom-girl stuff have drawn to a close, I look forward to getting back to business.

It’s a great mix, a great balance, held in tension, tied up and tangled together with a love for my family, a love of flowers and beautiful things.

Sigh. Life is good.

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