Desk View

See the view from my desk? It is lovely. I really enjoy this spot. It is probably my favorite place.

See the stack of paperwork? There, in the bottom right corner? You cant miss it. Its HUGE.

I hate paperwork. I. Hate. Paperwork. I procrastinate and put it off as long a possible. Well, the time has arrived that I now have to deal with the paperwork.


I would rather be designing flowers or meeting with clients, or creating a space for a wedding, reception or an interior.

Not today.

Today I have to mow through that stack of files. Files that contain wedding dreams, home decor plans, billing, bills, estimates and proposals. It is a means to an end, and I wish I could learn not to dread the paperwork. Paperwork+clients=getting to be creative, and PAID to be creative. I never was good at math. The equation does not look bad, it is actually appealing. Something gets lost in translation inside my brain, and I dread the paperwork…. Today I must be good at paperwork.

At least my back door is open, the view is pleasant, the weather is fabulous, the coffee is delish, the candles are lit, the music is on….and as for my stack of paperwork, it shall shrink and disappear by the end of the day!


(yeah, right, if it were only that easy….)

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