I’d like some cake with my flowers, please…

I have done this cake soooo many times.

I go back and forth between being bored with this, and then very appreciative for yet another opportunity to let flowers show off.

Its stunning and luscious and extravagant and yummy.

So, two more weddings this year have ordered this once again….play it again, Sam!

Whoever invented this idea gets applause from me, for it really lets the flowers steal the show.

Its unforgettable and magnificent.

And, the flowers and cake table set up for this generally wind up costing more than the cake….that’s never bad from a florist point of view…

I sure do like selling flowers! And I like making marvelous presentations for my clients.

As I type, I am having a strange craving; now I want wedding cake to go with my coffee….hmmmmm….

What it boils down to is this: I never get tired of wedding cake. (tee-hee-hee!) Or flowers. OR this particular style of wedding cake. Bring it on, ladies!

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  1. Great flower lady 12 years ago | Reply

    I love this pic!!

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