The days of summer are numbered. I always count the end of summer when my girls go back to school.

They go back…….


Yep, tomorrow.

I am not ready to start seeing pumpkins and haybales and cornstalks just YET, but I am using some fall colored green for myself as well as my clients.

Green is very transseasonal.

Transseasonal. Its my new favorite word. TransSeasonal. TransSEASONAL. TRANSSeasonal.

(Has anybody seen “Elf”? “That’s FUN to say…FranSISco….Fran SIS CO! FRAN sis CO”…..

Anyhow, back to TransSeasonal.

I don’t think it is really a word, but it is a trend. It means that something transcends seasons. It is very ON trend to be transeasonal.

Darker green tones, in dried beans, leaves, wheat, river cane, preserved leaves, pumpkins, gourds, heavier fabrics, twigs, permanent botanicals and fresh flowers. It is subtle, and classic. Seasonal decor does not have to scream “FAAAAALLLLL!” and assault your corneas. Green is a nice way to gently transition from summer to autumn.

I hope my girls transition that easily out of their beds for school tomorrow….

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