Baisch Berries

OK, I admit it…I love texture.
This week I have had the blessed opportunity to hang with all the fine folks at
Baisch and Skinner in St Louis as well as Kansas City.
I have been teaching some hands on classes and it has been a delight.
I have combed the coolers in search of cool product, and I was not disappointed.
The berry selection is stunning and the product looks terrific.
I am always drawn to berries. Always. 
Autumnal design and winter looks demand the texture.
It plays well off of the long needles of pine and the harvest texture of millet and wheat.
You can’t miss mixing berries with linear textures.
And then there is bittersweet, which I also love….
On the east coast they have laws against this stuff; it is evasive and parasitic and it takes over landscapes as well as choking out native woodlands.
I am glad it is not against the law in my neck of the woods, ’cause I just love it!
And I have loved my time with everybody at Baisch and Skinner.
The best part of teaching floral design is making new friends and developing relationships with people.
So, to review:
Nice people with a nice company, good family people….
What a great week, with great people and great product!

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