How to remember stuff


I have alot of stuff I have to remember.
Contact the vendors for my brides.
Update my invoices.
Keep my reciepts.
Feed the dog.
Order the flowers.
Feed the children.
Drop off the cleaning.
Pick up more mustard.
Order supplies.
Ad nasuem!
I have a few simple tricks that help me, so since we all have such busy lives, I thought I would share. Here are a few of my tried and true tricks below.  Enjoy!

Post it notes can be the devil

~ they fall off the stuff you stick them to. I am not a fan.  They are clutter, too, and I hate clutter….

Switch my wedding ring to the other hand

~it feels weird and makes me wonder why it is there…

Put a sticker on your watch

~back when I wore a watch all the time, this worked great.

Put something in an obvious place.

~you CAN’T forget things that you fall over

Go ahead and put it in the car.

~Do it NOW so it won’t get left behind.

Make a list and check it twice

~Its a great way to avoid being put on someone’s naughty list

Underpromise and overdeliver.

~Don’t always declare your good intentions….if it falls through, you didn’t lie, and nobody knows you are a dork ‘cept you.

Put it on your calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

~I sync my life with my blackberry.  The alarms go off and remind me what I have to do.

Slay a giant first thing.

~ You know that THING you are DREADING? Do it first. You have spent more time fretting about it than the actual time it would take to do it, so DO IT ALREADY!  The burst of energy and endorphins will be well worth it.  

Besides, we are not supposed to trudge through life from task to task. We can live in joyful expectation of good! Live is not supposed to be panic and drudgery.  I like that One Guy who said “I came that you might have life…. and have it in abundance…..until it is full and overflows!”

Lets live an overflowing, overcoming life and remember to do all our stuff.  Keep Calm and Carry On.

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