Amish Adventures!

If you  are in the Southern Illinois/Tri State area, have I got a road trip for you!  It is a terrific weekend adventure, so get out there and enjoy this Autumn weather!

From Southern Illinois, just head across the ferry to Marion, KY, via Cave In Rock.  Its free!

By all means, don’t forget to stop and have some fried catfish on the way (The E-town River Restaurant or Kaylor’s in Cave in Rock Park.)  We like them both, but we ate on the hill at Kaylors.  YUM!  And the view is terrific!

Amish abound in that area of KY, and it is so much fun to visit this time of year.  Steve and I made a trip over last Saturday and it was a much welcome change of pace.  After being on the road doing flower related work for nearly 2 weeks, I needed some downtime in the worst way.  Hanging with the Amish will do the trick!

First of all, ditch your GPS. It will show you are driving on nothing-just out there in thin air…no roads, no landmarks.  I finally turned it off and we just wandered through the countryside, stopping at different Amish settlements that looked interesting. We found all manner of baked goods, preserves and canning, as well as a few greenhouses, along with crafters and artisians. It was a wonderful way to be lost. I highly recommend it.

We found a 2 story home with a huge mum patch. There was a man mowing…he had a mowing attachment harnessed to his horse, and away they went!

The yard had wheelbarrows and shovels for mum harvesting, as well as tables full of fresh produce and pumpkins.

The rains had soaked the mum patch the day before so it was a mudddy mess.  We took off our shoes and just went barefoot-sinking up to our calves!  Nothing like mud squishing between your toes to calm your soul! It was delightful. And its waaaaay easier to clean bare feet than shoes.  I washed off in a nearby mud puddle while an Amish mother watched with her daughter. She was smiling and nodding her head—I think I got points for being resourcesful and using the puddle to wash.

So what did this afternoon cost us? Not much-lunch, gas, and a few mums.  I gained rest for my soul, an opportunity to appreciate and observe the simplicity of Amish life. (I wonder if they are accepting applications?)  It was an afternoon well spent, and the memories are priceless.

And my mums look pretty dogonne nice, too.

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