Thanksgiving Suprise

Today while loading my car for another Christmas client, I had a most welcome, unexpected suprise.
I noticed a group of children walking down Poplar Street….
How nice, I thought, last day of school and a little outing….
Then they began to walk up the drive to the studio doors.
Oh no, they WANT something, I thought…
They wanted something, all right, they wanted to give me a treasure and melt my heart.
Two little guys approached me tenatively, and said
*Happy Thanksgiving, Maam*
They proceed to hand me a tiny cellophane bag filled with snack-y things.
The tag attached read:
The Bugles are a symbol of the Cornucopia, a horn of plenty.
The Pretzels represent arms joined in thanks and unity.
The Candy Corn reminds us that during the first winter, 
the Pilgrims were only allowed 5 kernels of corn per day
because food was so scarce.
The fruit is a reminder that Thanksgiving is the celebration of the harvest.

The Peanuts represent seeds, the potential of the bounteous harvest for the next season,
if they are planted and well tended.

Happy Thanksgiving 
from East Side 5th Graders
Wow! What a great thing to do.
What a blessing!
It stopped me in my tracks.
As I was in such a rush to load my car and carry decor to yet another home, I had to stop and give thanks.
I believe a letter to the editor of our local paper is in order.
I believe a heart of gratitude is in order.
A huge thumbs up to Harrisburg East Side 5th graders.
And a huge thumbs up to heaven.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Sprout 12 years ago | Reply

    Wow! So cool and thoughtful – I would be melting if kids did this for me!

  2. Flowerdiva 12 years ago | Reply

    I totally melted-I cried.


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