Behold, the power of Twitter!

I won a 32″ Sony Flat Panel TV for Twittering.
(I promise, this has nothing to do with spam or MLM…)
Last weekend in Chicago, I went to market and twittered about my experience over the course of a few days.
Each tweet was considered a raffle ticket.
I used the hashtag #chitowngift
The Chicago Market along with Midwest/CBK sponsored the raffle.
You can read about the details here:
So, I won a $500 tv using my thumbs.
How fun was THAT!
Its a great way to connect with clients and collaborate.
The essence of Twitter is  the ability to create and access fresh information in real time.
And sometimes, the benefits are more tangible.
Like a free TV.
Twitter is a powerful tool
Microblogging is an amazing resource
And now I have a free TV to prove it.
Thanks, Chicago Market!
And if you are not twittering, get with the program.
And follow ME!  —  JodiDuncan

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