North Central AIFD Chapter meeting of SuperHeros!

Just wanted you to know I spent a weekend in Chicago with super heros.
First of all, our AIFD Chapter meeting was held in the ballroom in Hotel 71.
This ballroom was the location of Bruce Wayne’s penthouse in Batman: The Dark Knight.
Then, wonder of all wonders, we have Norma Chapman, who looks (and sounds!) like Edna Mode from the Incredibles.
She had never seen the movie. I asked her and told her about the striking similarities.
She humored me as I tried to get her to say:
“Go, confront the problem, fight…win!”
and the ever popular
“NO Capes”
She probably thought I was pretty flaky by this point. (Opinions vary.)
When I was leaving the hotel later that afternoon, my 6 year old spotted her and whispered
“LOOK, mom, its Edna MODE”
Norma/Edna came over to speak, and Evie grinned the whole time.
In my defense, Norma/Edna sent me a delightful email, thanking me for introducing her to Edna Mode. She went home that afternoon and watched the Incredibles.
She LOVED it. She especially loved that no one ever ever tells Edna “No”.
Norma Chapman is a force of nature, just like Edna.
The other super heros were the North Central board, who worked so hard to make it all happen, as well as our distinguished guests:
Toomie Farris, AIFD gave us inspiration from the ground up.
Rudy Casati, an Italian designer, graced us with premium flowers from San Remo.
Stan Pohmer of the Flower Promotion Organization gave us hard facts and figures that lead to a productive and hopeful roundtable discussion,
with pages and pages of potential solutions and inspiration.
And that’s not all.
There were more superheros.
My flower family, the everyday AIFD members who are tirelessly giving back to the floral industry, who are designing flowers, educating others, expressing emotion, making the world a better place in these challenging times.
So yes, I spend a weekend with a bunch of floral super heros. I feel safety among their ranks.
Just remember….”NO Capes!”

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  1. Hann 12 years ago | Reply

    I love Edna Mode!! So great that you met the real live Edna!!

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