Clever Wedding Suggestion

The week of consultations and proposals continues.
I love this time of year.
Everything seems to come alive:
The landscape.
Outdoor activity.
wedding activity.
Again and again I hear the same thing:
I want my wedding to stand out.
To be different.
The obvious way to do that is spend extra cash.
OK, in lieu of extra cash, lets be clever.
One thought:
Tell the story of your relationship in your wedding program.
People are sitting in a beautifully adorned sanctuary.
You have a captive audience.
So paint the picture.
Tell guests how you got there.
Tell them about your borrowed, your blue, your old, your new.
Tell them your wedding day is the same as your grandparents, who were married for 60 years.
Tell them about your first date.
How you met.
Give a brief synopsis of your wedding party.
DO NOT copy the program of the last wedding you went to.
You were born an original: don’t die a copy.
Do something special (and appropriate) with your vows.
This is the stuff that people remember.
Will they remember if you drape the altar with tons of orchids and organza?
And I would be more than delighted to do that.
But in case that is not going to happen, know that you can still be clever.

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  1. kaci jo 11 years ago | Reply

    thanks for the suggestion!

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