Home from the Philadelphia Flower Show

So, the little country mouse is home from my trip to the big city.
The Philadelphia Flower Show.
THE. Philadelphia Flower Show.
And what a trip it was!
First of all, the team of Schaffer Designs was first rate.
Bill and Kris were kind in so many ways, and were grace under pressure.
And there was LOTS of pressure.
Moving on.
Anyhoooo, it was a great experience, all in all.
I wish it would have translated into the BIG prizes, but Kris and Bill can be proud of the work that they put out and the manner it was executed.
Polar Fantasy did receive the “PHS Award of Distinction – Display Garden – Floral”

And distinct, it was. It was downright remarkable.
The concept they brought forth was presented…
…with excellence.
…with integrity.
…with a generous heart.
…with courageous vision.
…without compromise.
The character and talent that they exhibit is uncommon.
So, I say, although there is no big trophy, you can “hang your hat” on the way they got the job done.
Thats just how we say things here in the South.
So, although I am back in the forest of Southern Illinois, I learned things that I will never forget as long as I live.
My heart is full.
My head is inspired.
And I cannot WAIT until NEXT year!
Game ON!
Until then, you can check out this video that I put together on YouTube.
Thanks to Bill Schaffer and Kris Kratt for asking me to be a part of your amazing project.
It was an honor, it was humbling, it was a delight.
So this is the country mouse florist, over and OUT!
I have a big wedding this weekend.
(We have big weddings in the country, too, you know!)

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