How to make a Polar Fantasy

In just a few days, the Philadelphia Flower Show will be coming to an end.

Sniff. Sigh.

So, due to overwhelming popluar demand, we are passing on the ingredients so YOU can make
 your VERY own 
Polar Fantasy!

4,000 white dendrobiums,
 4,000 white carnations
300 white calla lily
100 white phaleonopsis
150 white hyacinth
150 white nerines
100 white ranunculus
100 white Japanese sweet peas
30 jumbo Japanese white dahlias
200 lg white anthurium
300 25/stem 3′-4′ bundles of white birch and 20 12′-15′ bundles of white birch
500 cubic feet of Styrofoam Snow
3 cases of Design Master crystal, snow and flurry, 
200′ copper tubing
Copious amounts of  Oasis Product 
 150 Accent Decor glassware, 
100 cut sheets of acrylic, 
700 stems of natural fiber sticks, 
100 lbs of white wax, 
17 incredibly creative designers

And do NOT forget
extreme organizational skills
sleep deprivation
and a sense of humor.
These are the most critical ingredients.

For the team of Schaffer Designs, this translated into winning TWO awards.

The PHS Award of Distinction 
The Emile H. Gescick Memorial Award – for an outstanding use of orchid display.
By the way, it is
 an award that in 181 years has NEVER been won in the Floral Division.

So if you don’t have 4,000 white dendrobiums laying around
and you come up short in the courage department,
you can always 
watch the video 

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  1. Sprout 12 years ago | Reply

    The florist recipe for – wait for it – Snowcreme!

  2. Flowerdiva 12 years ago | Reply

    You are awesome, Ms Sprout!

    Snowcreme is much cheaper and easier!


    If anybody wonders what the heck we are talking about, just scroll down several posts and you will see.

    Too funny!

  3. Sprout 12 years ago | Reply

    I can be funny, ask my husband!

    Haven't had decent snow since you passed on your recipe, but there's always next winter!

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