~International Exposure~

Kris Kratt, AIFD-wax pouring expert

Jodi Duncan, AIFD-flakey & drippy wax pourer
Who knew that these two wax pouring women would get international attention from the most influential floral design magazine in all of Europe?
(Not to mention the softest hands at the Philadelphia Flower Show, but I digress…)
Well, Allsion Bradley, editor of Fusion Flowers has seen fit to honor us.
Our YouTube video is now featured as “breaking news” on their website.
They have subscribers in 60 countries, by the way.
This is a super big deal!
Check it out here:
Not only has the team of Schaffer Designs won two awards, 
but we now have
international exposure.
Everybody on the Schaffer team was awesome.
Bill was a terrific leader, visionary 
and creative force.
 He let me and Kris play in the wax.
All day.
For a whole day.
And I never ever, ever, ever got sick of the wax.
And my hands were so very soft.
And the result was so very beautiful.
My hands are not so soft anymore.
Where is my glue pan and that bar of paraffin, anyway?

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