Let’s Dance

In this week of bridal consultations, it seems everybody wants the same thing.
Create the best looking wedding with the least possible money.
I don’t blame them; I am the same way.
Ask any car salesman I have ever dealt with.
Truly, it is not ALL about the budget.
There are other ways to set yourself apart and make your wedding stand out from the rest.
Ways that don’t cost extra.
Here are a few:
Take that money you were planning to spend on pew sprays/bows, and do something spectacular in the foyer, or at the outside of the church.
Nobody ever goes to a wedding and says
“Wow, weren’t those FABULOUS pew bows!”
Spend that same pew bow money somewhere else that gets noticed.
 It will have greater impact.
Make a first impression with it….spend it outside on wreaths or garlands, 
or as a bouquet by the guest book.
Another thought.
Dance like you mean it.
Make your first dance one to remember.
Spend a tiny bit of money on dance lessons and wow your guests.
Its sets the tone for the evening.
When a bride says “I want everyone to dance all night”
then does not deliver any effort into their first dance…well, it just does not translate.
Speed of the leader, speed of the gang, I always say.
They are never going to dance more than you do, 
so get up and dance. On purpose.
Tomorrow, more ways to make your wedding wonderful without spending bundles of extra cash.
And find some moments to dance today. On purpose.

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  1. Monday Morning Flowers 12 years ago | Reply

    Great ideas!

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