Your wedding guests: friends or foes?

With this groove of money saving wedding tips in mind, lets take a look at another way

 to save wedding day dollars.
So, whats wrong with a huge guest list?
Well, each one of those guests cost you money.
A little cold and harsh, but a reality.
Once a guest list gets much past 100 people, it is no longer about you.
You are the bride, the one in the big dress.
Its supposed to be about you and your betrothed.
Newsflash: its not.
Weddings take on a life of their own when you have a huge herd of people.
So then brides come to the caterer, cake person, invitation provider and florist and want us to make it all fit in their budget.
Just have the wedding you can afford. Cut the guest list. Make it nice for the guests you do have.
Lets look at math.
I HATE math. But I love ‘yall. So here goes.
Reception tables, meet the 350 person guest list.
8 ppl per table 37.8 tables (lets just say 38)
If you do next to nothing for $30.00 per table, thats $1,140.
Take that same $1,140 and divide it by 150 guests, occupying 19 tables.

You now have $60 per table.

Much, much better. Not great, but lots better.

So make your wedding intimate and special.

You don’t have to invite every person that you ever knew.

What are we trying to prove, anyway?

Weddings are special.  Its not a bake sale or a church bazzar or a potluck.

Its a sacred splendid thing and every Tom, Dick and Harry does not deserve to be there.


Invite the people who you really love, who really love you.

Do the best you can with the budget you have.

Edit your guest list so you can make nice choices for food, flowers, stationary and venue.

Craft a thoughtful classy wedding that you can afford.

Make it a gift to yourself. It is your big day, after all.

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