Board Meeting

Click the link below for hilarity…
Thanks, Hyatt, for an awesome video.

For the next two days, I will be in strategic planning meetings.
I am on the board of the Illinois State Floral Association.
That means I have meetings to go to.
It is a responsibility, and an obligation.
Its a way for me to give back to the floral industry.
It is also two full days of meetings.
Two. Days.
In a board room.
At a conference table.
And I have to leave at 6 am Monday morning.
I won’t be home until late Tuesday night.
So its a sacrifice, but a sacrifice worth making.
Florists are worth it.
And I have my sense of humor.
So, in the spirit of two days of meetings, I respectfully submit the clip.
And I love this clip.

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  1. Kynda 11 years ago | Reply

    So funny, Jodi! Thanks to you and all the board members for your work. Are you meeting at the Crown Plaza? There's a new restaurant that opened just next door–Di Piero's. . . fabulous Italian food!

  2. Sprout 11 years ago | Reply

    Hmmmm…you're making me reconsider being involved with the start-up of a Mass state florist association….

  3. Flowerdiva 11 years ago | Reply

    Do it sprout! I am just kidding. The sacrifice is outweighed by rewards. The industry needs YOUR wonderful voice, Sprout!

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