Celebrity Reader!

Yesterday I went back to school.
I got to be in the first grade!
This time I did not have a backpack (or cooties)
but I did have books….
It was all part of the Celebrity Reader program, in conjunction with the local library.
The books I chose were beautifully illustrated and the author is Aileen Fisher.
Unfortunately, the books are older and out of print.
I could not find them on Amazon.
So, if you want to explore these beauties, you’ll have to visit the
~Celebrity Reader group photo~
Smack dab in the middle is yours truly.
In costume.
I wore (and carried!) props from the book.
My straw hat with the flower.
Sandals embellished with flowers.
A flower scarf.
Flower earrings.
And a t-shirt that proclamed, in bright metallic letters…
“Pick flowers not fights”
(A suggestion from the staff was to wear a shirt that said “Pick flowers, not your nose”….)
Well…..there is always next year!

I wanted to introduce and  explore flowers with the first grade, 
so we discovered how they grow, the beauty they bring 
and the joy that comes from experiences with flowers.
We had a blast.
I brought them each their own flower as a treat.
The book says “flowers wear color to advertise”
We decided these flowers were advertising *their* school, in bright Bulldog Purple!
We also brought cupcakes….flower motif, of course!
And the most charming, handsome 1st grader came to escort me to his classroom, 
the 1st grade class of Mrs. Nyberg.
He had a quite a cart to manage!
But this fine young man took it all in stride.
 Snacks, treats, 
a fresh arrangement for their teacher.
The card for Mrs. Nyberg read
“From your students and your flower friend, Jodi Duncan”
This gentleman is my nephew, Mr Riggs.
He is so cool.
 (Aunt G.G.~that’s ME!~ loves him very very much.)
In the classroom, we got to know each other and learned about flowers.
The class was attentive and bright.
It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon.
Several of the girls told me
“We want to be a flower lady like YOU when WE grow up!”
I told them I thought that would be wonderful.
These bright youngsters need to know about flowers!
Its up to floral professionals to foster creativity and appreciation for flowers.
They are enthusiastic and receptive.
They are the future.
Having positive encounters with flowers NOW ensures that capable bright creative souls will come to join us.
We need them.
I need them….and I LIKE them. They were so much fun.
So here’s to Mrs. Nyberg’s 1st grade flower enthusiasts
May you grow healthy, tall and strong.
May your roots go down deep into rich soil.
May you bring joy into the lives of others.
Just like the flowers do.

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    Thanks for sharing, I love it! You are COOL!

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