Courthouse Weddings

I am freaked out over a blog…

I was recently catching up on some blog reading 

and I noticed more than a few that were showing city hall weddings.

I have a link if you scroll down, but first let me say this.

I know that

going to a justice of the peace
to be wed has been with us through the ages.
When did it become cool? Mainstram? Desirable? Chic?
I am disturbed.
Not only as a florist and planner,
but also as a person who sees marriage as more than a jaunt to the courthouse.
If you got married at the courthouse, good for you.
Yell at me later. 
Now, at the risk of sounding like a self-preservationist snob,
please know:
I have done flowers for a quick jaunt to the courthouse.
I am not a snob.
I am behooved by the hipster culture.
First of all, they are so dang skinny…
 I am just not cool enough to understand.
 I am pushing 40.
Please understand that I *get* that weddings can be over the top, out of control, terribly extravagant.
But has the pendulum really swung this far the other way?!?
Floral friends and planners, please brace yourself for the images in the link below:
The alternative has come to 
this ?

With over 100 comments agreeing how wonderful it is?

Say it ain’t so!
I can wear overalls to the courhouse anytime.
To pay a traffic ticket.
Heck, I am from the rural midwest. People wear overalls everywhere.
We DO have enough sense not to wear them to a wedding.
Especially if you are the BRIDE!
For a WEDDING?!?
Do people really want to wear overalls to the courthouse for their wedding?
Weddings are sacred, special commitments.
How often can you wear a bridal gown?
Don’t answer that Liz Taylor, Zsa Zsa, Liza Minnelli or William Shatner.
(Not that I think you read my blog.)
The blog I linked to, “A Cup of Jo”
 is wildly popular.
Target advertises there for heaven’s sake.
She has scads of sponsors.
She writes for Glamour magazine.
Her audience is huge.
My audience is crickets. Chirp. Chirp.
What do I know?
Small town florist.
Tiny blog.
Little influence.
Here is what I do know.
I like weddings.
 I am weirded out by the popularity 
and sudden chic-ness of 
Courthouse Wedding Culture.
Courthouses are for stiff, germ-y, troubled encounters.
Lawyers, criminals, arguments.
Who looks forward to anything at a courthouse?
And overalls are for farmers.
For professional moms.
For painters.
Not brides.
Maybe I am just too traditional.
Chalk it up to my midwestern/southern environment.
Or maybe I hold marriage and weddings and flowers as something dear.
Something to be treasured.
Its terribly hard for me to wrap my brain around 
something so sacred and special
taking place in a courthouse
in overalls
with no flowers 
or friends.
I am officially an old fart.
You heard it here first.

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