I’m baaaaack!

Just got back from an amazing vacation on the forgotten coast of Florida.
Lemme tell ya, they don’t call it the “forgotten coast” for nothing.
Nobody is there! Its wonderful. A very relaxing-nothing-to-do vacation.
Hammock, long talks, books to read, bikes to ride, shells to collect.
You get the idea.
I need time away to dial things down.
(So do YOU, by the way)
The spot we go to on the cape is lovely for many reasons, one of the best being…..
….no cell phone service!
Now that IS remote!
(I see the Verizon commercial in my head…”CAN you hear me NOW?”   NOOOOOO-HA!)
It is very liberating!
When you dial down the distractions, you can hear your own heartbeat and the heartbeat of Heaven.
I highly recommend it.
I know what it means for me and the way I live.
I feel like a boiling pot being taken off the stove when I approach vacation.
I cool off over the week, then its fun to start the rolling boil again.
And is fun to discover what bubbles up, the core values and dreams.
I like the consistency that when external distractions are removed.
I find that some things never change.
I love flowers.
I love retail and merchandising.
I love design and art.
I am more of an artist that a florist. 
I love spiritual things, Truth things.
The communion of creation, Creator, Designer and humanity.
My family is a treasure.
My life is a gift.
My business is
“Doing my part to make your world more beautiful”
I do a much better job of that when I have downtime, every now and again.
Carve out some time for yourself and see what bubbles up!

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