Spring Garden Party

Just imagine sitting down with friends in a fabulous garden.
A collaboration with Dallas Foster Landscaping 
can make that happen for you.
Lillies and spring flowers and trichillium and moss.
All on a limestone hand hewn table.
Tulips in dramatic glass water tubes dance through the trees.

Then the water tubes are placed in a terraced fresh design, creating a strong vertical line and terrific drama, not to mention a striking focal emphasis.

And I love wrapping lilly buds with wire…decorative colored wire or bind wire in this application.
It creates great detail and texture, and adds such visual interest.
I love the tension created by wiring the buds closed.

The green moss and trachelium look great together.

I love the trachelium in the favour pots with the lillies.
And the gift wrapped in natural fiber paper with leaf ribbon.
Take time to plan a special party with friends and family.
And remember
I am glad to provide planning and flowers for your event.
Dallas Foster can have your yard ready to go!
Check it all out this weekend, Evansville Home Show, Roberts Stadium, April 9 & 10.

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