Missing in Action

When I went back to my blog today, I noticed it has been TWO MONTHS since I have blogged.
Thats just shameful.
I hate it when blogs give explanations for not blogging-
I always think 
“Just get on with it already and blog, for heavens sake-this is not a confessional-
its a blog, so cut to the good stuff!”
But I still feel like I need to give an explanation.
The past few months have been filled with:
Sick mom/mother-in law
Deciding to move
Getting house prepared to move
Looking for new location to move my family
Looking for new location to move my business
Organizing basement/garage to prepare to move
an 8th grade graduate
and, the usual…
So the wheels came off. 
I stopped blogging.
And nearly stopped working out.
And got horribly behind on laundry.
With this transition comes momentum for the changes
and the blog got lost in the shuffle.
I’ll try to do better.
But I am moving my house and my business.
(I am not sure WHERE yet, but you’ll be the first to know when we decide.)
And I have tons of design shows in July-I think I am home 8 nights all month.
So forgive me for my non-flower blog post.
I will try to do better!

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