Another Day at AIFD Symposium

A few shots of the program by Gregor Lersch.
“What happens if…”
Well, Gregor was gracious, brilliant, always an educator.
A big big thanks to the AIFD Foundation for underwriting such a stunning program.
So many concepts and kind words came forth from his stage.
It was a great exploration in the relationship of contrast.
So much terrific information.
Such as…
“I come to teach how I use pieces of design.
I want you to go home and do it your way.
What is left is a wellspring of creativity”
Gregor Lersch
“To the US, I owe you alot.
And that is not just a nice saying. 
These bouquets are for YOU.”
Gregor Lersch
These are our bouquets:
“Don’t get trapped in your
inspirational hole. Remember to consider
cultural relationships.
Look at everything with fresh eyes”
Gregor Lersch
And I like that he had no gels, no music, no frills.
He presented information and design without any of the that we are accustomed to 
(and perhaps we rely too heavily upon them at times?)
It was based on pure content.
The well that we drank from was deep and we can draw upon it to nourish us for years to come.
And that was just ONE of the symposium programs here in Boston at AIFD’s Revolution.
My cup runneth over.

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