Natures Creative Edge


Its that time of the year again!
Natures Creative Edge!
Top floral designers answer the call to the Michigan woods, to the home of Bob Frise, AIFD, CFD.
Its like summer camp for grown up florists.
We get to play. We get to do what we want. How we want to do it.
All year long we follow the rules for our clients:
“This is our budget”
“These are our favorite colors”
“I want lots of baby’s breath”
“Red roses are my favorite”
“Make sure it looks just like the picture”
This week, rules are at a minimum.
No restrictions.  (Well, have it done by Thursday at noon, if that counts)
No budget (unless it is self imposed). No have-tos. Only want-tos!
Terrific food, amazing friends, and the beauty of nature.
And its for a great cause–North Central AIFD Chapter
The theme?
“MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC~The Earth Sings in Flowers”
Interpret as you wish.
So how do you interpret that?
However you want.
With such a broad category, I had lots of ideas and sketches.
Some sophisticated, some edgy, some very conceptual and high style.
The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t go there.
Those of you that know me are aware that I went from being a city girl to a country girl in the span of a few weeks.
So I really really identify with the song “Boondocks” by Little Big Town.
And the video is terrific.  It reminds me of the NCE experience too.
It has its own “Big Red”—Bobs farm truck that we ride in to go gather moss and such from the woods.
And all the people that just walk out of the woods, they appear out of thin air.
Just like the florists that invade Bob’s Woodland Estate.
I can hardly wait.

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