Decorating for the Holidays

Its my favorite time of year!
I love getting to design, decorate and install Christmas.
Residential and commercial, makes us no difference!
We enjoy it all!
So, we are off!
Me and a few hearty elves, spreading Christmas Joy far and wide.
One of my favorite things is making a subtle transition from fall to winter.
Sometimes its abrupt!
Its tough to jump from pumpkins to snowmen.
Brown accents really make it a gentle segue.
Some of my favorite things are the brown glitter vines and brown leaves.
You can add in the really traditional holiday stuff later, but for now its just enough.
Not over the top.
Not whack-you-over-the-head-jingle-bell-sled-snowman attack.
Just right for this time of year
Pinecones, velvet, glitter vines and leaves.
Just right.
So today these are the ingredients I will use to make a trans-seasonal environment!
Let the games begin.
My fall break is but a memory.
I should have blogged about that!

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