Holiday Merchandising

This time of year is busy for freelance designers like myself.
Installing Christmas decor for commercial and residential clients takes most of my time.
I am almost done!
Recently I escaped to St Louis to re supply and re charge.
One of my favorite places to go is Anthropologie
I love their product mix and merchandising.
This time I was greeted by two fabulous concepts.
A tree made from scrap lumber

My entrepreneurial pal (who is quite cute, clever, and has GREAT hair!) just made one for her new store in Carbondale. I can’t wait to see her interpretation!
Check out Abbie’s blog here.

Another cool thing at Anthropologie….

I spotted this fab window display.

I LOVE mittens.

Mittens and a window covered in crystal frost?

Two of my favorite things, in the same spot!

I love crystal frost and buy it by the caseful!
Its great to put on plain glass vases for instant holiday panache.
Its one of my favorite products from Design Master.

What inspires your retail experiences this season?

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  1. Sprout 11 years ago | Reply

    I am SO doing mittens next year!!!! LOVE!!!!

    …blowing you kissess….and "Worcester-Cheer"!

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