2011 Philadelphia Flower Show countdown

The 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show is just a few weeks away.
This year’s theme? “Springtime in Paris”
Heck, I’d settle for “Springtime in Topeka” the way this winter has treated us.
I am so excited to be making the journey again with Bill Schaffer, Kris Kratt, 
and the great team of designers that compile “Team Schaffer”
We have a new logo to point the way (above)
A compilation between Kris Kratt and her brother, Bill.
Last year was my first time to be involved.
What a thrill to work on the award winning Polar Fantasy.
If you missed it, the YouTube video is here.
Or you can get a copy of the highlights from Fusion Flowers Magazine
(I’d recommend a subscription.)
This year Bill is paying tribute to the film ““An American In Paris”
It will be a multi media/floral interpretation.
I can hardly wait to get started.
So, follow the journey here
and over at Bill’s blog.
Somebody, que the Gershwin tunes!

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