How to order flowers for Valentines Day

So you have decided to send fresh flowers for Valentines Day!

Good for YOU!
Here are some things to think about.
I want to make sure your flower experience is a good one.
First, lets get the tricky, yucky part out of the way.
Determine you are indeed dealing with a real flower shop.
There are fake flower shops out there, who act and might even LOOK like real florists.
Hard to believe, but it’s true.
They take a chunk of your money, then pass a portion on to a REAL florist
who will design your flowers. 
A significant portion of your money lands in the pocket of the service who was just a relay.
Thats not your intention. At all.
You want your money in that vase of flowers
as much as possible-
 not in the hands of cubicle dwellers who just collect your order, your cash, 
and pass it down the line for partial value.
So, ask questions to be sure you are making a wise choice when ordering…
“Where are you located? I might want to come and take a look at your flowers”
Yuck. Enough of that.
Once you have established you have a real flower shop,
trust them.
Florists work very hard.
They want you to have lovely flowers with good value.
Florists don’t just mark up the prices to gouge you at Valentines Day,
its supply and demand.
Florists are paying more for flowers, too.
So, ASK them “What looks nicest for the money?” or ” What will make the best showing?”
or “How can I get the most bang for my buck?”
Many times some flowers just come in extra lovely.
Above average.
A good florist can give you the scoop.
If you want to knock her socks off at the office
and want something big and showy,
tell them!

If you want something long lasting, tell them!

Maybe you just want a small floral token as an accessory to a weekend away.
Florists are glad to assist no matter your budget.
Flowers are amazing and fabulous
Flowers come from farms all over the world.
They are cultivated, dependent on sunshine and environment.
Nature has a say in the end result, without a doubt.
So understand this-
Maybe the yellow roses are stunning, and the pinks are just average.
A good florist knows what is exceptional and can make suggestions accordingly.
Maybe you want to beat the rush and send flowers on Friday
 with “Looking forward to the weekend with YOU” on the card.
You sly dog.
Create anticipation.
Look like a hero to her friends a work.
And let her enjoy the flowers before the big day.
I’ll be in Colorado helping my friend Cherrie at her shop for Valentine’ Day.
She is a great florist who loves her customers and flowers.
More than likely, the florist you choose does, too.

So go and bring color, fragrance and love into the lives of your loved ones
with flowers.

We could all use a little more color, love and fragrance in our lives, dont’cha think?

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  1. Kimberly 10 years ago | Reply

    Love this Jodi!

  2. Kimberly 10 years ago | Reply

    Love this Jodi!

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