Valentine’s Day: A FLORAL Holiday

Valentines Day.
It is, without a doubt, a FLORAL holiday.
All of the 
shoe stores,
pet shops,
sporting good stores
 are secretly longing 
for a holiday 
that specifically conjures up images of 
tennis racquets.
Imagine a holiday where there would be BIG trouble 
if your 
Significant Other
didn’t show up with
a Fan-Tail/Bubble Eyed Goldfish
or a
Wilson BLX Blade Team Racquet
I’m thinking….I’m thinking…
There ISN’T one.
Maybe someday they will get lucky with a holiday for those items.
For now,
Valentines Day is a FLORAL holiday.
And at the very least,
its a chocolate and jewelry holiday.
But more than likely,
there will be trouble if flowers are not a part of the equation.
If not flowers alone,
flowers and _______________are expected.
A word to the wise.
Make that happen?
Tomorrow, some consumer tips for buying flowers.

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  1. Lavender Hill 11 years ago | Reply

    For you and most gals.. Flowers and SHOES!!

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