Springtime in Paris, Take 1

What a treat to again be invited by my dear friends Bill Schaffer and Kris Kratt
to engage in another exhibit at 
The Philadelphia Flower Show.
With Polar Fantasy still hauting us, Bill began brainstorming early on.
He wanted to take on the silver screen classic “An American In Paris”
 bring it to life with flowers.
If you are not familiar with this great movie by MGM, put it in your Netflix que.
Or buy it.
Its a blast.
He chose 4 sequences:
The Stairway to Paradise
I thought he was crazy.
most geniuses are.
And Bill was crazy like a fox.
You can check out the details on his blog.
So I was the team leader for the dancing girls.

And we did not do much dancing.
Except to keep warm.
And try to shake the glue from our fingers.
We went through heaps of Oasis Floral Adhesive.

And we laughed. And we glued.
And we worked. And we glued.
And we giggled. And we glued.
And we loved each other. And we loved the glue.
And when it was all said and done, we loved our scene.
And so did the judges.
And so did the guests.
For instance,
we noticed a woman,
casually observing,
walking by, smiling, taking it all in.
One of the team approached her, and began to explain it all to her.
She said “My dad would have loved this”
We said “Who is your dad”
She said……
“He won the Oscar for Art Direction in “An American In Paris”
“Oh BILLL!!!! There is someone here we want you to meet”
How satasfying, tender, and powerful to see that moment.
To bring a movie to life with fresh flowers.
To interpret and translate the scenes where people GET it.
They got it.
But what the team got was so much more.
The memories, the lessons, the friendships
(and the donuts…)

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