“Springtime in Paris”, AGAIN?

Seems like just yesterday I was in Philadelphia at the Flower Show!

I really enjoyed “Springtime in Paris”, 

and being a part of Schaffer Designs 
“An American In Paris”
was a thrill.
Well, *this* American is going to Paris (the real one) in a few days.
And going to London.
And Scotland.
So how did a girl from a town of 1,000 people get to go to Eurpoe for 3 weeks?
One flower at a time. One friend at a time.
My adventures with AIFD have been exciting.
full of friends and opportunities
This adventure is no exception.
I am being invited by the Illustrious Alison Bradley, editor of Fusion Flowers.

I first met Alison in Palm Desert in 2007, when I was pursing accreditation of AIFD.
Since then, we have kept in touch and I contiually swoon over the designs featured in her floral magazine.
Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would invite me to come for a photo shoot.
In Scotland.
With world renound designers like
       Pirjo Koppi
        Baudouin Roelants
       John Hosek
        Sue Phillips
     oh yeah,
   and that girl from the Southern Midwest.
        Jodi Duncan
          So stay tuned.
I leave in a few short hours.
Gulp. Goosebump.
My dear friend Wendy Andrade will be picking me up at the airport. 
In London.

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