Amazing Andrades

I have been having an amazing time in England!
My friend Wendy Andrade has made it all possible.
What a treat to get to hang out with this Brilliant Brit!
Not only is she brilliant,
She is nice.
She is an amazing floral designer.
She has more talent in her pinky finger than most of us have in our whole body.
She has won multiple awards at the Chelsea Flower Show.
She has done flowers for the Oscars.
And she is nice.
So I met her at Texas A&M in 2007 in a floral workshop.
She remembers how we met.
It was lunchtime, and I asked if I could sit down by her.
She said yes.
I asked her to “just say something”
She said “Like what?”
I said “That will do”….”Just keep talking….I love your accent”
And so began a friendship that spans years,
 and an ocean, and many days in her home.
I am so thankful for my flower friends.
Wendy Andrade is a gem.
And she has made this trip a delight.
I dont know what the day is or what time it is.
I don’t have to know, because she just takes care of everything!
And I just follow her around because she is awesome.
And she is my friend.
And I like her.

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