Southern Illinois Weddings

Here in Southern Illinois we have some great venues to pick from.
Any guesses where this shot is from?
 Its Rend Lake Resort and this is a great reception spot….The Great Room!
You can’t go wrong with beams like this…anything that happens below is allll good.
We have several weddings at this resort in the coming weeks, and its one of my favorite spots.
They have a huge stone fireplace area in the foyer, that is a mirror image in the Great Room.
A total of 6 stone mantles beg for fresh flowers.
What a great way to make impact with a jaw dropping first impression.

And the ceiling is stunning, stunning, stunning!

The buffet and foyer is set and ready for food and flowers!
Stay tuned to see the beauty we will bring to Rend Lake Resort.
Brides are wise to choose us at Jodi Duncan for their wedding flowers!
Choosing Rend Lake as a venue is a pretty good idea, too.

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