An English Flower School

A highlight from my trip to London was a visit to the 
Here I am with Roger, who was kind enough to give us a tour.
We talked for quite some time.
He is lovely and we really enjoyed our chat!
He explained the space, how it came to be,
and the history of the school.
From the outside to the design studio in the basement, it was a visual treat!
This little bicycle was there to greet us…they actually use it!

And I love these sinks where they scrub and fill their flower buckets. 
Very cool. 
I want this in my own studio.

So here is the work/design/lecture space. Very sophisticated and sleek.

And a lounge full of books for inspiration.  
I scanned the shelves, and we have LOTS of the very same books! 
I geek out over books.

So from the basement, you can look up to their retail space.

And as you look up, you will see this Moose.
Moose has been bejeweled and bedazzled with gems.
I kinda felt sorry for him, but it made me smile.

And LOOK! Our very own Kate and Wills.
Fun to see since I made the trip for the 
to be in their photo shoot
and be a Royal Wedding correspondent for them.

The window displays were lovely.

And the outside is just luscious. Flowers covered the walk, and both sides of the entrance.
And the BEST part? Getting to share it all with my dear friend, Wendy Andrade!
As professional florists, my friends and I discuss how important education is.
Never, ever, ever stop learning.
Even in London.
Especially in London!

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