Ever After


It’s wedding show day! I always enjoy these shows, for a couple of reasons.

First, I really love interacting with people. Since my studio hours are by appointment only, I don’t have the opportunity to interact with clients in a fast paced setting like I once did when I had a retail location. I love one on one meetings, don’t get me wrong, but there is just something about a heap of people to talk to that gets my blood pumping!

Secondly, I love designing and merchandising display, so having a booth to create is a total blast. I think this years “LuxeRustic” theme is my all time favorite.

And even if a bride has a more modern vibe, and loathes barn doors and vintage, at least she will recognize that I know how to tell a story. We are pros and can communicate effectively with flowers & props. Even modern ones!

Add to that the fact that we designed 11, yes, ELEVEN unique bridal bouquets to test drive. The picture is a sneak peek at 6 designs. It promises to be an exciting fun filled flower filled day!

This is my 8th year doing the River Radio Ever After show and it promises to be the best EVER.

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