Best in show=Schaffer Designs


For the 2nd year in a row the Schaffer Designs team received “Best In Show” from the Philadelphia Flower Show.

It’s an honor to be a principal designer on a team led by Bill Schaffer & Kris Kratt. Their leadership style is inspiring. When you put blood, sweat, tears….not to mention heaps of money into an exhibit of this scope, a tendency toward tight fisted control would seem understandable or even necessary….

That’s not the case with these leaders.

They cast the vision, make you a part of the planning, send emails, texts & late night phone calls along the way. When I actually meet the exhibit for the first time, it’s like finding a familiar old friend. I know my way around & feel familiar with the nuances of the design.

As we begin to place elements and really work with the floral elements, things continue to grow & evolve. Bill is steady at the helm, but he holds the concept loosely to allow the team to contribute and even suggest changes. How wise. Kris & Bill really understand how important it is to create an environment where things are subject to change, where it’s safe to make suggestions, and where open dialogue is encouraged.

The unity fostered by Kris & Bill’s approach is wonderful. The team members hail from England, California, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia, New York, Alabama and Illinois. And we love each other.


And if that weren’t enough, Kris won the televised “Iron Designer”‘competition. She was up against Bill & the wildly talented Ron Mulray, AIFD. She stole the stage with her mad skills, not to mention a honkin’
big knife!

So I have just a few days left here in Philly, and if you thought things couldn’t get any better for Schaffer Designs, you were wrong. Kris & Bill are getting married IN the show on Wednesday. Surrounded by 120 of their closest family & friends. And a few thousand Philly Flower Show attendees…..and….THE CAKE BOSS!!!

Not to mention the coolest little “dog bearer” you can imagine….my daughter Evie is ready for her first flight, and can’t wait to be a part of the wedding. So my husband & daughters are joining the festivities tomorrow. And I can’t wait!

In the meantime, it’s back to the volcano. Those flowers get thirsty, you know! And the week has only just begun….

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