The juxtaposition of man vs nature has become very real to me in recent days.

My floral design studio sits right in the middle of Harrisburg, IL. Sadly, Harrisburg was in middle of the path of a devastating tornado. Turn on the news, and you’re bound to see images of my sweet community. Homes and lives have been shattered. Six are dead; dozens and dozens injured.

The tornado missed my studio on Poplar street, but not my heart. It’s been especially challenging, as I am miles away designing at The Philadelphia Flower Show

For the 3rd year, I am working with Schaffer Designs.

And I am standing in the middle of a volcano.

Volcano. Tornado.

The tension that exists between man and nature is intense. It’s difficult to predict the behavior of these phenomenon. Both intensely powerful. Devastating. Destructive.

But in the wake of unharnessed brutality comes new life, and even beauty. I see it on the faces of friends from my community. Helping hands, generous spirits. I have felt pride from states away at the response from people in Southern Illinois. Their love is stronger than any storm.

Standing in the middle of Kris & Bill’s volcanic interpretation, I see that tension between man & nature. I spent the day standing (and kneeling) right in the middle of it.

The heat, fire, flow of lava & hot coals brought to life by flowers is brilliant. There is beauty from ashes.  In both places.

Volcanos and tornados are not all that different. From devastation can come beauty. In Harrisburg and anywhere else where man has the courage to stand up and say “Knock me down, but I’ll get back up” ( To paraphrase  mayor Eric Gregg)

I’m watching you get back up, Harrisburg. And I love you for it.



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  1. Kynda 10 years ago | Reply

    Hi Jodi–I have been thinking and thinking of everyone who was affected by the storms. Am thankful my loved ones in Kentucky are safe. thanks for the pictures from your hometown and from the flower show. We need flowers in this world. Hope to see you at conference next week.

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