Mayesh Design Star finalist


Well, only hours remain for voting in the Mayesh Design Star contest. Since making it to the top 5 as a finalist, I have been overwhelmed with private messages, tweets, and emails offering support and encouragement. It’s wonderful to know that design matters, and a girl who lives in the cornfield can make a difference. Even if I don’t win, it’s been a blast and I’ve connected with so many.

And the competition is stiff! Three of the top 5 are AIFD accredited floral designers. That’s just awesome…it speaks to the strength and power of the brand. I’m truly in good company.

Finalists went through a phone interview, and during that conversation, I was asked WHY I wanted to be the design star. Was it the trip, the exposure, hopes of riches and glory? (OK, I made up that last part)

Actually it was none of those things. I just love sharing my love of flowers and design. Being the design star would grant me an opportunity to share in a big way. One of my fave sayings of the south is “Go big or go home” … why not? Why not take risks and just go for it?

That’s why I entered. To share. The other stuff is just icing on the cake. We will find out who won the cake on Oct 2. In the meantime, voting is over at 11:45 tonight….not mich time left to vote.

So go vote already!
The link is

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  1. Good luck Jodi!

    • jodiduncan 9 years ago | Reply

      Thanks! I am ready for the waiting to be OVER! What a fun adventure its been

  2. Lois Hiranaga, AIFD 9 years ago | Reply

    Congratulations! Jodi,

  3. Brenda Byassee 9 years ago | Reply

    Girl, you are about sharing all over the place: that lovely smile, your time, your gift of you, Jesus… the list is endless. I’m tickled pink to say I know you, but I’m absolutely giddy saying congrats on winning such a wonderful contest!! Way to go!

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