Beauty in Possibility

Everybody is blogging/micro blogging/tweeting and/or facebooking (is that even a word?) about the New Year.

Peer pressure.

When I think of alllllll the brides, allllll the flowers from 2012, I have a reoccurring thought  “no wonder I’m tired”.  There is beauty in possibility.

After scrolling through countless images from me, my staff & even professionals to pick a few highlights from the past year, I found myself surprised by the ones that grabbed me.


It’s those doggone buckets of flowers, carefully chosen, meticulously processed by skilled hands that excite me.

I have stunning images from talented photographers that showcase the design, the depth, the details, but it’s those buckets that thrill my heart.

It makes no sense, but I find beauty in possibility. It’s the creative journey, the doing that thrills. The end result is always brilliant, but the process is just as amazing.

So here’s to a year of beautiful possibilities. (and buckets & buckets & buckets of flowers blessings.


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