The Special Event vs. Ever After

Last week has been filled with flowers and inspiration. I’ve had the great pleasure and delight of designing the booth at The Special Event for Mayesh. The booth was a big hit. I wanted to balance the presentation of the fresh flowers with merchandising AND design. Feedback has been overwhelming.

Here are a few shots of my booth design:



And dontcha love these green eye roses?


So that’s why I was unable to have a booth at the Ever After bridal show, for the first time in 10 years. I’m still booking weddings, still providing floral decor in the tri state! No worries. I just stepped up my game and took it to the national level. Going to The Special Event is a great way to stay on top of what’s hot in weddings. Attending expos like this is what keeps me sharp, at the top of my game & able to bring back the best for my brides.

So call now for your free consultation. I’m booking up fast for 2013!

And come see me on Feb 3 at SUPER BRIDE SUNDAY in Evansville IN…wait till you see what I have planned for my booth!

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