The Special Event Booth Tour


At The Special Event show in Chicago just a few weeks ago I got to design a booth for Mayesh.

Getting to know the Mayesh folks is so much fun. They all have such distinct personalities and skills. My new pal Andy was in charge of procuring the flowers, and working with Andy was awesome. He is brilliant in his knowledge of floral product and collaborating with him and Yvonne with regards to booth concept was exciting.

Here is a video tour of the booth by Andy. Check out all the beautiful stuff!

Designing a booth is essentially merchandising. I love it. Since I have a studio rather than a retail location, I miss getting to merchandise. That’s why I love to freelance with Sugarbakers in Evansville, and why I so enjoy pulling a booth together.

Just wait till you see what I have cooked up for this weekend! I’ll be at SuperBride Sunday at The Centre in Evansville from 9-3. It will be a different concept but very romantic and glam! Will I see you there?


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