How to order flowers for Valentine’s Day


OK, the countdown is ON!

I’ve been out of the traditional retail floral business for about 13 years now, but I sometimes freelance for friends during this crazeeeeeee time of year. I remember what it is to be completely shattered at the end of the week, after hours and hours of processing flowers. And thats before you even get to the “GOOD” part, the designing!

As ususal, I digress….

So here it is….. how to order flowers. Consider this as advice from a friend. It’s not self serving at all; I don’t even have a traditional shop to take your order, but I want you to have a good experience and I want your recipient to be thrilled. Every encounter with flowers should be a GOOD one!


Those banner ads you see online are not a good deal. Those ads rarely include all the fees & charges, and by the time your order trickles down to the local florist, they are left with a small piece of the pie. Call local, make sure you are dealing with a brick and mortar shop, not a call center full of cubicles.


When you call the mom & pop shop up the road, they can tell you what’s exceptional, what’s amazing, and how to get the most bang for your buck. Ask them what will give you best show for the money you have. Roses are fantastic, but there are other lovely choices like tulips, lillies, mixed bouquets and tropicals. When in doubt, ask to speak to an experienced designer. They can guide you to something stunning. And remember to thank that designer. Their hands are sore and they probably can’t even see their feet for all the greens and stems lying around. They have been eating fast food for days, and might not have been to the bathroom in hours. Be nice to floral designers, especially at Valentines Day. They will make sure you look good when that bouquet comes through the door.


When you order early, it makes you look like a prince. You were thoughtful and didn’t try to throw something together at the last minute. You were loving on purpose, deliberate in your intent. There is nothing more romantic than that. Plus, she has the week to enjoy them, which is an extra bonus if she works outside the home. Nothing like looking good in front of the co-workers!


They deliver with care. MAKE SURE they don’t come in a box, just thrown together with freight. Valentines flowers should be arranged by human hands AND delivered by human hands. Flowers in a box suck. Do you really want to add something to her already overwhelming to do list? “here’s a chore for you, arrange your own flowers….Happy Valentines Day…I love you?!?” Maybe after that you can stop by the grocery store and buy ingredients for a cheesecake and give her a card with that too…..”Happy Valentines Day….I got you a cheesecake…that you get to make…aren’t I amazing”.  Um….NO.

You have a “friend in the business”…me. I want every experience that people have with flowers to be positive, from the time you order until they reach the thankful hands of the recipient.

Thanks for considering flowers for your Valentine! Happy Valentines Day!

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